Friday, April 4, 2008 goes live!

It's finally live!
After about a month of clicking away at dreamweaver, flipping back and forth through the pages of my trusty training manual, and getting invaluable advice from my fellow Etsiers... I've just put up my new website!

Thanks to Frank for helping me tweek my site and helping me with the fine art of design hierarchy. A special shout out to Kyle for helping me get over my last FTPing hurdle!!! and Thanks Jocelyn for helping me celebrate going live with only the most fitting way possible... indulging in our favourite croissants from Clafouti! You guys are really the best!


BYN said...

AWESOME!! I love it!

Rascallion said...

Looks great, nice job!

Justin said...


This is a long shot but I'm actually looking to get a hold of Frank Gubitz and I see that he's thanked on this site. We were roommates in University. My name is Justin Drew and we lived in Neil Wysick together. Please pass my email on to him if you can.

PS. I like your mustache bandanna. Fitting for Movember.

Very Best,

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