Monday, April 21, 2008

Etsy Designs With Type!

Top Row:
CarolinaCottage – Fabulous Fonts Wood Tray
YeeHaw – Thank You Letterpress Wood Type Mini Cards and Envelopes

Second Row:
greenchairpress – Calmly It Goes – Original Art in a Limited Edition
sts98134 – Multifont Buckle

Third Row:
thetypejunkie – Metal Collection
pianonobile – Dorothy Tote Bag

This feature is based on how much i like when creators design with type. It's a really interesting concept at it's core. Type exists to communicate verbal language, but what these designers have done is use typesets in a way that pays respect to each letter's individual characteristics and really pushes it's unique artistic value. Whether the letters still make up a word or whether each character is treated as it's own design element, the products seen above show an exciting approach to creating exciting visuals with type!

1 comment:

Holli Conger said...

Thanks for the mention :) I love that tote bag!!

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