Monday, June 16, 2008

Sprinklers and Popsicles!!

Just in time for the steamy summer days!
Set of 4 Outdoor Sprinkler Coasters

I've been trying to figure out some pieces with sprinklers for the past few months... It's been tricky trying to figure out a design that could convey that 100% childhood love for running through sprinklers on a steamy summer day.

My favourite part about these coasters is that I used the 3 classic popsicle colours: Pink, Orange, and Purple... Pink was always my favourite! Orange would be my second pick... .and purple was always the last left in the box!

I added a 4th colour, green, for grass... i don't know of any green popsicles... pistaschio flavour maybe?!

1 comment:

BYN said...

I NEED THESE!!! So great!

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