Tuesday, July 1, 2008

101 Sales!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

The day was pretty perfect! My boyfriend, Frank, and I hit up the Circus at our local mall parking lot and got all giddy off of pink cotton candy and Shriner's clowns... then after the "wheel of death" grand finale we grabbed some coffees and found ourselves a trail to go for a hike... i had flip flops on so it was a pretty leisurely walk:)... then we drove a long and scenic way home and cracked opened up a great bottle of Ontario wine... a Magnotta Pinot Gris 2006 to be exact! We BBQed a bit and watched the making of documentary of American Graffiti... after that I made my way to my computer to find out that my Mustache Handkerchiefs were features on Uncrate.com which in turn made me a bunch of sales... and Yay! Guess what! I reached my goal of 101 sales on Etsy!!!

What a perfect Canada Day!!

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