Sunday, May 17, 2009

Avril's Toronto Birthday Shopping Guide

Eeeeek! Only 10 days to go until my birthday!

Now... if i were looking for a present for me with only 10 days to go until my birthday, I would definitely stay within my city limits of Toronto... So I checked out the Toronto Craft Alert crafty links to find some *must-have* locally made goodies...

Above image: I Run to You print by ZukZuk

Silver Wire Woven Cuff by White Lotus

Apple Jacket by Jacqueline Knits

"Others turn a yellow spot into the sun" photograph by Knit a Latte

The Flock Mobile by Bookhou


KatieEatsCake said...

ooo love the zukzuk print. wish my birthday was sooner!

happy almost birthday!

katy said...

the print is so lovely! i ♥ it.
(just started following your blog, by the way) ^.^

Anonymous said...


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Filipa said...

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