Sunday, May 3, 2009

Countdown to my Birthday! 24 days to go!

So if you already know me you know how much I Looooooove birthdays... especially my own! Go Go May 27th!

Here's the first installment of presents that i would like for my birthday:) I'm not expecting my boyfriend or brother to be flipping through my blog to get ideas for b-day presents... but why not dare to dream...

The "For Like Ever" has been on my radar for-like-ever now. It's like the most romantic statement ever and it's such a positive message. I would for-like-love to have this poster framed and hanging in my living room to greet me every morning.

... and that colour scheme is so punchy!

Made by Village.

1 comment:

BYN said...

i love this poster, except, everytime i read it, i always read it wrong and think it says "like, for ever" in some 80s Can't Buy Me Love kind of speak. i am just wrong! but i still love this poster!

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