Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shark Attack!

Today I decided to watch Paranormal Activity while ironing away and making some hankies for an upcoming show. Now, there's No Way I would have every watched it in the normal movie watching surroundings... late at night... lights off... quite house... Forget it... I've totally accepted my fears and watching spooky demon flicks that make people cry is just going to work toooo well on me. I won't sleep for the next year... So anyways... yeah... with all the buzz i still couldn't resist. So i waited for a beautiful sunny day and I had lots to do so that i couldn't put all my attention into it... it was great.

So my top 5 fears. Where or not i can ever avoid them... Here they are:
1) SHARKS! Even in swimming pools... sharks hide in the deep end.
2) Scary Demon Movies (unless they are amazingly funny like the Italian Classic... Demons)
3) Low Heights... Standing on a ladder on the third rung is killer!
4) Mice.... my my kitty Nico has been earning his keep by taking care of those.
5) Wearing a skirt on a windy day and it flying over my head (just happened last saturday)

In dedication of my number one fear I don't these very cool... not so scary... limited edition... Shark Nesting Eggs by artist Hally McGehean.

1 comment:

juliette said...

These are to die for. Instantly going on my Christmas wish list

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