Friday, September 10, 2010

What I'm working on!

I got my new fabric this week and I've been busy sewing away at my new line of Tea Towels!

I've been really getting into designing the patterns and picking the colours to make prints that i just end up falling in love with. I think i have to make a line of duvet covers next just so i can snuggle up with my new fabrics. Hmmm... New goal for 2011! Make fun duvets!

Spoonflower has been a great supplier for getting my fabric printed. If you've ever dreamt about making your own fabric then definitely check them out. I've been designing my patterns in photoshop and illustrator just because that's what i know and i get confused with anything else, but if you go to the spoonflower website they give you suggestions of other programs to use that are online.

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