Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody

Wishing Everybody a Warm and Cozy Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!
Frank and I put up our first Christmas tree this year and totally went full on into the Christmas Spirit. I named our tree Needles (named after Fleas' character in Back To The Future II. Such a strong character:)

We got fully into decorating the house and trying our hand at making a Gingerbread House. Nico was pretty stoked about taste testing the goodies before getting them
on the house.

We learned alot over the past year about home owning and house renos. I like to think that we were able to apply our knowledge to constructing our gingerbread house... and you'll be happy to know that it came in under budget...

As for the biz... 
My shop will still be open during the holiday season. 
If you order anything between Dec 21st and January 2nd, I'll be shipping out on Monday January 3rd.

Have an amazing holiday season everyone!

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