Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Workshop Fun at The Design Exchange!

 Last night I ran a workshop at The Design Exchange where participants got to design their own Tea Towels... and not just any tea towels, collaborative tea towels!

Participants started by outlining their design for their own tea towel. Then at every 20 minute interval they got up and moved to someone else's towel and had to figure out how to add their own vision to someone else's canvas.

It was interesting to see how the participants vibed off of what was in front of them. Trying to replicate the shapes or techniques, and find new ways to add their design sensibility to the print that they were presented with.

The gals at Hoopla in a moment of deep creative concentration...

With the inspiration flowing and the paint flying these guys came up with all kinds of creative designs.

 The outcome of the workshop was pretty amazing!

1 comment:

Polly said...

What a great idea! And they've come out so wonderfully! x

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