Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Goodies : Paintchip Napkins!

 Introducing my new Paintchip Napkins!
I started my paintchip table linen series with placemats then followed them up with table runners. After many many requests, here for a limited time only, are some hot extra large cotton napkins for the upcoming BBQ season!

 Available in 6 bright colours for the summer season
 pssst... they're huge... like so large you could wear them as a bandana!
A fun way to present them is to fold them up so only one colour is showing. Then when your guests sit down and open up the napkin to place on their lap, they get a burst of colour surprise! Great conversation pieces!


Anonymous said...

Great post:) I really like your blog ..do you have twitter or FB??

If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Hey There! said...

Thanks Maria!
Great blog too!

twitter : avrilloreti
facebook : avrilloreti.modernhome


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