Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Frankie!
I can't believe how quickly our first year of marriage flew by and 
how how lucky I am to call you my huuuuuussssssband! 

Here's a fun idea we had for our wedding last year that really paid off. You know that fantastic "For Like Ever" poster. Well we framed one up and propped it up on an easel in the party zone and used that as our guest book (regular size Sharpies work the best on it!). The message in the poster was exactly what was in our hearts that day!

Leading up to our wedding we built up a massive wedding playlist for every hour of the day. It was pretty fantastic! This one was an absolute favourite and is now my "go to" song request for any wedding celebration!!

1 comment:

Shannon @ Hoopla said...

I love that picture from your wedding. All the details are so adorable!! And that poster idea?? So perfect! Happy Anniversary!

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