Friday, June 15, 2012

NYC Love : Part 4 Eats!

We ate soooooo well! Our plan was to treat our days like a big long tapas style meal. We would only eat small plates and never fill up, just in case there was another great place that was too exciting to pass up in the next neighbourhood!

Cupcakes just won't quit! And these little treats at Little Cupcake Bakeshop were so yum!

 Rice to Riches was ridiculous! There was like 30 different rice puddings to choose from. We picked up a cool coconut pudding with a lime oatmeal crumble on top.

 The Taco Truck on The Highline

 The most delicious corn on the cob at CafĂ© Habana
 Smorgasburg was filled with a bunch of yummy treats! Ethiopian tacos, schnitzel, homemade poptarts! WHAT? Yes... delicious!
 My favourite was the Cucumber Mint Lemonade. It was so refreshing. This is totally my drink for the summer.

 Pink Pony was so yummy and so pretty. Definitely a lunch spot that i would have loved to have a biz chat lunch with my biz ladies group!
... and if you know me you know that i adore bruschetta. When we found Bruschetteria i nearly fell on the floor. it was scrumptious!

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