Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loomy Days Are Here Again!

I started a weaving class a few weeks ago and thought I'd share my first project. It's a scarf! Oh, maybe a spring scarf! It took two full classes to learn how to thread the whole loom. 6 hours later... i was weaving away!

The session is taught by an amazing textile artist named Line Dufour. I met Line at the last One of a Kind Show where we were neighbours. We instantly connected at the show and when she told me that she taught weaving classes i simply had to sign up. All the participants are completely lovely too! I love seeing what everyone is working on and hearing about how they're working through the challenges of each project.

For more info on the Toronto Weaving School visit


Henry said...

I am astonished to see your blog. How much creative idea of yours. Really too much appreciate through your blog.

Artisan Social said...

wonderful! a friend of mine joined a weaving collective in Quebec - to learn and to be inspired and create beautiful things... I love traditional craft like this.

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