Monday, January 7, 2008

NEW! Daily Headlines 2008 Coasters

Set No. 1
December 31, 2007 - January 6, 2008
Limited Edition of 1

Daily Headlines for each day of the year! I am so excited to get this project off the ground!

Here's the jist of it... In an attempt to get into a better habit of reading the news daily (... and not just gossip blog news!), each week I'm going to make a set of 7 coasters that highlight one major front page headline for each and every day of that week.... 7 coasters... 7 headlines!

So from Monday to Sunday I'll be gathering headlines, Sunday I'll produce the set, and the next day I'll post them on my etsy shop.

I just posted Set No. 1 today! Check out all the headlines for Set No. 1 at
Headlines include:
- Majority of pupils failing to master three Rs
- A New Beijing Rises
- Obama in Iowa: The 2008 race begins
- Reins to go to Bhutto son

1 comment:

esque said...

What a great idea! I bet these will sell like hotcakes!


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