Monday, January 14, 2008

Twins married each other after separation at birth!

Here's Set #2 of the Daily Headlines 2008 Coasters!
Click the link to see more pics!
Daily Headlines 2008 Coasters - Set 2

I found the headline above only after a big discussion with some friends over a bottle of Banana beer (Chapeau Banana!), about whether the story was about twins that were separated at birth, or whether they were conjoined twins and literally separated at birth.

I'm having too much fun collecting and editing these titles for my sets of coasters! My favourites this week are "Golden Globes crippled by strike" and "Nano second to none"... Funny note about the Nano headline is that it's not referring to the Ipod but rather a new car... the cheapest on the market... produced by an Indian company called Tata motors. It's also being coined as the People's Car because it's so affordable! And it's cute too!

Click here to see a photo!

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