Monday, February 16, 2009

One more Post about Yellow....


Neon Yellow's got that cool buzzy glow that's so retro fabulous and painfully addictive! I've got my eye on these hot neon yellow pieces that, if used wisely, can add an awesome pop to your affordable art collection, tabletops and evening romps about town:)!

Top Row:
Joodito - Citrus
AlishaGould - Urchin - Gocco Print
Adorationsoap - Green Tea and Cucumber Soap

Bottom Row:
BippertyBopperty - Flo Yellow Neon Tutu
GreedyGoretti - Neon Yellow Reflective Ribbon Brooch
Claydame - Vase - Yellow with painted berries

1 comment:

Inkspot Workshop said...

Oh yes! Loving the neon yellow, takes me back to high school in the late '80's:))

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