Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warmest day all year!

Ok... so with 7 days and 6 sleeps left until my birthday all I'm thankful for today is how absolutely beautiful it is outside. The warm weather has finally hit Toronto and now it's all flip flops and cute skirts all summer long!

Along the theme of warm summer days I just made a pretty breakthrough realization about my taste... I just discovered that i have a major love for art with swimming pools. Nothing too too nostalgic... but maybe just nostalgic enough...

Above: "JC Penny" by Rebecca Silus via Tiny Showcase

"Red Hook Pool Series (three)" by Leah Giberson

"Untitled (Bondi Baths, Sydney, Australia)" by Carlo Van de Roer via 20x200
(I've got this one in my living room!)

1 comment:

MagicMarkingsArt said...

WOW Love the untitled pool picture. Is that a picture, or a painting? Very nice selection.
Happy Birthday to mom
Happy Almost Birthday to you.

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