Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mustache Hankie Giveaway at RikRak!

The always lovely RikRak has just posted the sweetest feature about my crafty goodies! Visit her blog to see the feature and join in the giveaway to WIN a set of Mustache Hankies!
Check it out here-------> Rikrak Studio

As part of the feature I got to come up with a fun playlist. I had to choose a theme and then compile something juicy to listen too. Well of course it had to be about Roadtrips! I love making playlists for roadtrips.... otherwise I get stuck listening to my boyfriend's favourite roadtrip tunage... Paul Simon! Yucky! I'm just not down with Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard. Check out my Road Trip Mix Tape Playlist at RikRak and add your own Road trip tunes in the comments for a chance to win some hankies!

Here's the link again:)-------> Rikrak Studio


carmel said...

love your work!

Jingle said...

This is how I found you! I love your shop! Everything is so adorable!!!

The Fancy Lady said...

i love the mustache hankercheifs i just entered the giveaway
i love mustaches and items related lol

Melly said...

I just love the moustache hankies! They're amazing!

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