Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Etsy Food Finds

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States! In Canada, we had ours over a month ago, so it's nice to get another opportunity to have my mouth water over tasty thanksgiving fixin's all over again! With food on my mind, here are a few Etsy food finds.

BeckyM - Pumpkin Pie Felt Food
So let's just start with dessert and work from there! This sweet Pumpkin Pie is the perfect start to a Thanksgiving Food Etsy Find's post!

NewMoonStudio - Porcelain Pomegranate Vase
This beautiful little pomegranate is made of porcelain clay and covered with a delicious red glaze.

MrPS - One Lump or Two Tea towel
MrPS' shop is full of hand screenprinted and original design goodies. This designer knows how to speak to my heart with plenty of food and diner inspired pieces.

avrilloreti - I heart Mixers Tote
This is the newest of my Tote line! Kichen Mixer inspired and ready in *red* for the holidays! I'm still torn over which colour i would end up buying, the day that i have all my pennies saved for my very own... but until then I'll just stick with making any colour mixer i want and tote it around with me wherever i go!

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