Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fruits of My Labour!

So I moved. About 3 months ago Frank and I moved into this fantastic beautiful old house in Toronto and it has been a crazy ride. As always the biggest challenge is finding where you packed everything. My camera battery charger has been MIA until this past weekend.... So finally... here they are... some snaps of one of the major highlights of our new place.... our Garden!

I have to admit that this is my first garden so i'm just guessing my way through everything. I think i've been on YouTube more often these past few months watching videos on everything from pruning grape vines, to dead heading rose bushes, to controlling my exploding zucchini plant, to the biggest challenge of dealing with weeds.

As for the weeds I just decided last week that I am giving myself permission to not get too worked up about the weeds. I mean they've been getting their weed on for way longer than I've been doing my Gardening Thing... So enjoy this summer weeders... cuz next summer it's on!

Oh the fruits of my labour... it's pretty amazing to see my fruits and vegetables grow. I just picked my first batch of tomatoes this morning. It's so rewarding.

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SOiNTOiT said...

I want your garden!

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