Monday, August 9, 2010

Keep it in the Family

I found out this weekend that making totes is in my blood. I went over to my parents for brunch this weekend... of course with a full basket of my garden tomatoes in hand... and upon giving my mom the tomatoes she said "Well i have something for you too!".

She had been doing a little digging and found a present that my dad had made for her when i was just a year old. It was a digitally printed tote with a pic of my mother and I. She never wanted to use it, and now since i supply her with plenty of totes, she thought it was a nice time to pass it on to me!

It's from like 1979... maybe 1980. And i love how it still looks so modern with clean pixely lines.

Little did my dad know that i'd grow up and start making totes of my own :)! What a great twist...
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