Friday, September 17, 2010

New Weekly Roundup!

I think i'm gonna try my hand at weekly roundups! I'm having a pretty hard time finding my bookmarks and remembering where i put links to awesome things that i find online, so now i'm just going to collect them all on my blog. One place to go for the random awesomeness that i spot online.

Design*Sponge - poka cycle
* Awesome bike chain guards and head plates designed by Suzanne Carson in Toronto! Yay fellow toron'o peeps!
(Image Above)

Apartment Therapy - All About Estate Sales : A Crash Course and Tips for Newbies
* I'm a pretty obsessed antique shopper and I've always wanted to try the estate sales but i'm way too chicken. These tips are making me feel like i could handle it a bit more.

A Rowan Tree - Homemade Oreo Cookies
* OMG! (sing it like Usher!) These look scrumptious! Must make soon.

Another Lunch - Bento Snack : 90210 day
* New fave blog! Beuatiful lunches!

jokemijn - milk pot
* I've been looking for small pots and pans for some mini cooking, cuz i'm still not convinced i need a microwave. I mean isn't this milk pot soooo pretty.

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