Monday, December 6, 2010

Art Find! Amber Alexander

Is there anything as fantastic as animals acting like humans? Amber Alexander's artwork of animals living their everyday human lives just kills me with cuteness! I feel for the kitty in A Hard Day. She's been hard at work all week chatting up her One of a Kind Show customers and packing up orders and working long hours and now all she wants to do is cheers to herself with a glass of Beaujolais.... oh kitty. Our lives are so linked. 

It's the first snow fall in Toronto today and this little kitty is calling out to my indoor cat meowing "come out and play"... don't forget the carrots!

Oh Donald! Amber, you have managed to paint this squirrel in the image of my own friend by the same name. a sharp looking man who can't wait to indulge in a gin martini with a good friend

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