Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of a Kind Show - Christmas Fun!

Just finished up my first One of a Kind Christmas Show and it was fantastic! I met so many great people and got to share my line with everyone. I heard some great stories from many women who were eagerly awaiting their husbands and boyfriend's shave after Movember. I learned how customers were going to share my hankies and tea towels and totes with their friends and family. I indulged in some tasty treats in the food section... Edna's Pickles you are always my favourite! And I got to spend lots of fun neighbourly time with some fantastic exhibitors. 

Oh My Gosh! I swear i had Usher in my head for the entire 11 days of the show. I definitely caught myself a few times pumping my fists in the air, singing that it was T-Shirt Time and all around going a little loopy. These ladies were the super stars of the block! Work it ladies... Stef Bezaire, Emma Gerard, Biko's Corrine Anestopoulos, and iDentity's Meaghan Irish.

Weekends were busy! I survived on coffee and almonds and chit chats with many wonderful people. So nice to meet everyone and hear about your holiday plans!

 The man with the plan! 
Mister Frank strikes agin with his straightening up and tweeking the displays and his overall 'make things perfect' attitude! You are so cool!

 This is my cutey-patootey-boothey!

My main lady in action! My mom takes total props for covering my weekday morning shifts! This early bird jumped took the plunge and got right into the spirit of the OOAK Show! I think her favourite part was when i would stormed into the booth at noon and then pushed her out to go shopping for herself!

Hilary Cosgrove makes these awesome owls and stuffed letters. You can't imagine the pure joy i felt when i walked by to visit her and found my named spelled out in her booth. This lady is a super star!

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