Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Roundup of Awesome!

It's raining cats via Gatopoder
Kitty kitty cat kitty kitty cat heads hang heavy

Anthropologie launched their new bridal line this week and this new bride is all over it! So many pretty dresses to fawn over. I've been tossing around the idea of a 'costume change' for my wedding and these beauties are making me lean in that direction! So yummy!

Sistine Chapel via
This is the best view you'll ever get of the Sistine Chapel!
If you've been then you remember getting squeezed in and herded along your way. I mean we finally get to see what the floor looks like.

Pure Green Living Magazine
I don't even know how i missed this for so long! Great online magazine featuring sustainable style and design.

Adore Magazine
Seriously, I'm just now discovering online magazines! Who knew there was an entire world of them out there. I promise you this, Adore will inspire you! This issue is a full 124 pages of home design inspiration. All colour palettes and all juicy! Enjoy! It even has a recipe for French Macarons on page 105.

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French Gifts said...

wow!!! really awesome. bridal dresses are very beautiful. Its difficult to choose. All are very nice. And what's that cats are doing? fun!!!!! LOL.. great collection.
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