Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Roundup of Sensational Link Love!

C60 Wallpaper / Cassettes Wallpaper via Bodie and Fou
*I still have a tape player in my car and whenever Frank and I go on road trips we pull out our bag of mix tapes that we respectively made in high school. It's definitely a treat when we rediscover a track from our formative music years and surprisingly can sing all the lyrics together from start to finish! Oh, Ringfinger by Nine Inch Nails. You know you know it... sing along here...

Animal Alphabet via English Muffin 
Bess Callard creates lovely playful illustrations of animals and vegetables and maps and just about anything! I just picked up a few name prints for some sweet new baby boys in my life! They are perfect!

The accessory I have my eye on for Spring/Summer 2011. This handbag makes me melt!

*Ever since i was introduced to Pinterest it's been a crazy addiction! What better way to catalogue all the inspiration that you find online! I think you still need an invite to start an account, so if you want one, just ask. I can send one to you!

*This is a fun collection of some of your faves. Sue Ellen looks sensational.

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