Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Wedding Photos... The Hair Appointment!!!

So June was probably one of the craziest months I've ever had to make my way through. Frank and I had always set out to be a totally chill wedding couple and other then a few heated debates between the two of us, I think we managed to keep our heads attached pretty securely during the whole process.

My one sweet project that got a little neglected was my little blog! Hi Blog...

We had the wedding and reception in our Toronto backyard and let me tell you... It was magical! We're still patiently waiting for photos (to be honest, i'm trying to hold off on seeing them cuz it just seems that once we get them, then that's it. it's like the last piece of the wedding!) So when we get them, i'll share some on my blog... But until then... i just have to show some of the photos that i took while getting my hair done.

Susan Scott is the owner of Strut Studio in Toronto and I've been going to see her For Like Ever! She is just fantastic and her loft studio is the most amazing place to spend time in. So all you ladies and gents in Toronto looking for a lovely hairstylist you must call Susan!

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