Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old MacAvril had a farm

I finally brought out my camera to the garden this morning for my first photos of the garden this year! It's my second year working on my garden and it's already starting to surprise and impress.

 I had a spot to fill when i was planting earlier in May and Bess from English Muffin suggested to try corn. OMG, I've never thought i would have so much fun watching corn grow. Everyday it looks bigger and every week some new development happens with the plants. They are truly living and growing sculptures that amaze me every time i look at them!

 I cut the grape vines back like crazy in the spring. I was worried a bit that maybe i cut too far back, because seriously... even after watching a bunch of how to videos i still had no idea what i was doing! But last week little grapeys started popping out and now i can start planning for my wine making party in august!

 Good thing i started to grow Kale this year, because all i crave these days is leafy greens! Kale This... Rapini That... Chop up and sauté the greens, squeeze some lemon juice in, throw in a few hot pepper flakes and some parmasan, then toss with some pasta... it's magic! (and all i've been eating for 2 months!)

...and my first ever radish! Isn't he cute!! He's an organic Watermelon Radish. I bought the seeds from Cubit's Organic Living. Hot dog this radish is spicey!!!


Liza Amlani said...

your gardening skills are so inspiring!!!

Lisa PN said...

Do you want to make Grape Jelly, or are you only making wine? We have a LOT of grapes this year and have no clue what to do with them all!

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