Friday, September 2, 2011

Remembering the Summer 2011... Hawaiian Honeymoon

Oh Hawaii... sigh. It was everything that i had imagined and more. Perfect weather, tasty food, unbelievable beaches, darling people... every time we would turn another corner on the most amazing coastal drives i would say out loud "Is this for real?! Are we really here!"
 I was definitely inspired by all the amazing colours I saw in nature
and in the developed parts of the islands.
 See what i mean by coastal drives. Had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road when i had crazy views like this all around me.
 Sunnnnnnn Set!
 Went on a horseback riding tour in Kualoa Ranch. This is the valley where they shot scenes from Lost. Most beautiful place on earth... then it started pouring rain. I felt like Kate. It was perfect!
 Waimea Beach was THE BEST! Locals jumping off of cliffs into the ocean... sea turtles swimming directly underneath me... sand was soft and lumpy like polenta...
 Fruit Hut on the side of the highway! Best most juiciest Pineapple I've ever had!
 More local inspiration found in Chinatown.

 BLACK SAND! We called this beach Caviar Beach!
 Oh gosh we ate so well on our trip! This tasty meal was at CafĂ© Pesto in Hilo, on The Big Island.
Even in paradise sometimes pets get lost.
 JUMP! Here we're 9,000 ft above sea level and above the clouds atop Mauna Kea. Watched the sun set and then did a little star gazing!
Oh and finally I have to tell you about Hawaiian beer. Delicious! We enjoyed plenty of Kona Brewery IPA's and Maui Brewery Bikini Blonds and Coconut Porters... Yum! But our favourite has to be Big Island Brewhaus. A new brewery that opened last spring. Not available in bottles so i bought myself a jar of beer to go! Yummy!


Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

You've made me so jealous and hungry! What great photographs to capture the memory!

avrilloreti said...

Thanks Connie! I only wish i could go back every year now!

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